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Replacing Timber Stumps and Posts: Image


How do I know if my Timber Stumps need replacing?

This is a common question in Queensland as many houses are built on timber stumps. There are a few ways to know if your timber posts or stumps are rotten and need replacing.

The most common issue  is rot or termites, disregarding human error when installed.  Obvious signs of wear and tear are:

– Rotting at the base of stumps.

– Holes in the stump.

– Detachment from bearer (main timber beam).

Another clear warning sign that your timber posts need restumping and replacing is if there is a drop, sloping or uneven area in the floor.

Proper diagnosis of a timber stump can also be obscured by other materials and structures such as a slab or cladding sheets.

If you are experiencing any difficulty recognising these issues or an inspection has identified some key timber stumps are failing, we can come out and give you a free evaluation and some friendly advice.

Replacing Timber Stumps and Posts: Text
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