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Checking Steel columns for rust and other structural defects

The steel column is the most common support in residential houses, new renovations and any internal replacements. There are pros and cons to using any material (concrete, steel, timber) that are under such high structural tension. If done correctly with adequate foundations and water treatment the steel column is second to none. Regarding foundation sizes they are subject to a engineer inspection and soil test, as every area of inner and outer Brisbane has different soil properties.

Steel column installation, treatment and maintenance

Treatment of steel columns is an integral part of their application. If they are incorrectly treated it can cause numerous issues, which can degrade the column and its foundations. The main nemesis to steel, like most stumps, is water. If water remains around the stump for a prolonged period of time it will cause the column to rust, which will diminish any structural properties of the steel. If you have steel columns you should do periodic checks to insure they are structurally adequate. If you would like our advice or a quote on repairs or replacements to any steel columns please contact us so we can assist you.

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